Monday, June 25, 2012

Not about sewing, but something I had to say...

Ok.  I've become a TOTAL Twitter nerd.  I check it as much as possible and I just love being able to keep in touch with people.

The folks on Twitter are AWESOME and I have to share what happened this weekend because of Twitter somewhere and show my appreciation in a longer version than I could have put on Twitter, so here goes.

Colin Cunningham (@Cunninghamcolin) and Christopher Gorham (@Chris_Gorham) are GODS!

Here's what happened.

My roommate (see post below, she's the one with the donkey) has been battleing Chronic Pancreatitis for 8 years now.  Her issues usually involve a lot of low level pain with infrequent bouts of over the top excrutiating pain.  Usually once she has one of these "big attacks" she's ok for a while.

About three weeks ago I would say, everything started ramping up.  The pain was worse, the attacks were more numberous (6 in one day a few weeks ago); everything just got worse. She even ended up in the ER for a while but on Friday her doctor decided that she was going to get to the bottom of this because her Gastro doc hadn't really been able to diagnose what was going on.

This is where the Fab Mr. Cunningham and Gorham come in.

See, my roommate simply ADORES these guys (I'm a pretty big fan myself, but this is not about me) so I decide, what the heck, I'm going to send a tweet to them to see if they'll maybe send some well wishes her way.

Chris got back to her first and it was a lovely, simple well wish tweet:

Christopher Gorham
@tgardner0128 Hope you're feeling better soon!
03:43 AM - 23 Jun 12 via Echofon

She was sooo happy to see it cause no offense to our favorite Skitter killer, she's liked Chris longer (and once got to work with his co-star Piper Perabo on a movie here in Texas, but that's another story).

Colin's tweet was awesome, as you can see from the copy of it below.

Colin Cunningham
@tgardner0128 Hey gorgeous! Just a little tweet to say that you're wonderful and to get well soon!! Don't be afraid. Kick its ass!
05:28 PM - 23 Jun 12 via web

So, you might want to know how she's doing.  Well, as of right now she's still in the hospital, but there is a small glimmer of hope that she'll be out and back home today (we'll see). She's feeling better (except about what happened on Falling Skies last night). She's got a new Gastroenterologist who is interested in taking a look at her case, but thinks her issue isn't her pancreas, so in a way we are back to square one, in a way we have someone new to help in the fight.

What I really wanted to say with this post though is this: THANK YOU to two AMAZING celebs who took time out of their schedule to send some well wishes to one of their fans. We will forever remember this.  I know that Tracy would say this for herself, if she had a blog.

You guys rock.

Everyone should watch Colin Cunningham on Falling Skies and Christopher Gorham on Covert Affairs. Keep these AWESOME folks working!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Little teaser....

Ok, ok, I know, I KNOW, I keep saying that I'm going to post a blog post on this one and not my other blog (, which is very gamer geek), but really I have been uber busy and uber overwhelmed with ye olde sewing room.

You see, we had a yard sale at the house right after I got back from my trip (I Know that was in March) and we moved a ton of stuff into my sewing room for "temporary" storage. Well, I'm lazy what can I say and while I HAVE been working on stuff, I haven't finished organizing so that I can put stuff on my good buddy Matilda.  Or figure out a way to make Matilda closer to my proportions (which really isn't that hard, just have to wrap some batting around her until her measurements match mine).

Anywho, I've got some pictures that I can put up, some OLD pictures of stuff that I have done and ONE picture of the dress I'm working on right now.

Ok, so here's me in my Rennissance Court dress (please note that I really can't stand that hat and have since replaced the dern thing!).

This dress took me about three years to put together, and you will notice all of the needlework on it.  Not the most period correct thing in the universe, but it's an attention-getter!  This photo was taken at Texas Rennissance Festival in "Houston" about.... 7 years ago? Maybe more.  Still wear it on occasion and hope to wear it down there if we get to go for my birthday-ish weekend.

This one is NOT me.  This is my roommate, but I did make this dress for her. *

It's from Dallas Heritage Village and we made it for their 1893 exhibit.

And finally, this is what I'm working on right now.

Which is defintely not on Matilda.  This is a pattern from Harriet's  collection of Civil War patterns, this one based on a 1857/58 dress.  The good thing about these patterns is while there are an expectation of some level of experience in garmet construction, the pattern mostly comes up to my size (cause I am most certainly NOT a petite wallflower, farm girl through and through!).

Ok, so look for more soon.  We are SUPPOSED to clear out the sewing room this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to post some more soon.

*Yes, I know that I don't have a picture up yet, but I'm at work and I thought I had a copy of it here, but I don't.  It'll be up soon. :P