Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What two posts in one day? This one IS about sewing and just for my friends on Illyriad

Ok, so my new addiction is Illryiad, a totally awesome MMO online game and at the request of some of my alliance members, here are some pictures of stuff I have done in the past, while I wait for the weekend to work on the sewing room some more. I promise, we WILL get around to stuff that I'm working on.

First off, let me tell you a little about these dolls.  I got an order a while ago for some rag dolls for some High School Senior cheerleaders.  I was a bit overwhelmed and a bit late with this so I ended up with a bunch of dolls in need of new homes and no money (always, always, always get a deposit!).

Here's what we do to cheerleader dolls when the client doesn't pay.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA.....

Goth Doll

Yeah, that's right we mess up theie hair and dress them up like this. This one was done for a co-workers daughter last Christmas.  I took my inspiration from Henritta Biggle from South Park. She's one of the Goth kids

Yeah, that's right, I change cheerleader dolls into chain smoking, Doc Martin wearing goth kids. :)

Oh, but that's not the best one, cause really this one beats this:

Biker Doll

These of course are custom jobs, and I still have a ton of others to costume. I'll post more later to wet your whistle. Maybe even some human sized costumes. 


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