Thursday, August 30, 2012

What to look forward to in the near future

Alrighty folks.  I know I've been busy posting to other blogs, but I PROMISE I have been working on stuff.

And I'm going to prove it very shotly.

I'm going to start this off by giving you some information on some of my more creative things that I've done in the last few years.

You want to know what it took to make this Rennisance inspired court dress:

Well, I'll be more than happy to let you know, and give you some awesome detailed pictures of all that stitching.

What about that pirate costume of mine (which I can't find a picture of right now to save my life).  Did I finally get Matilda's favorite coat finished?

Well, I've got news for you, and since things have been slow at my real job, I'll be able to post some stuff really, really soon.

Oh, and that Civil War dress? Where am I with this:

Well we'll let you know real soon (which is going to be the first major multi-part project we will be featuring as we finish all of the stuff that goes with this).

And am I EVER going to have more stuff up on Etsy?

Well, we'll let you know soon. So stay tuned!

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