Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Item up on Etsy

That's right, we are slowly but surely building inventory ahead of the holidays.

Here's pictures of the newest item up on Etsy.  She's a super cute blonde haired/blue eyed rag doll with a Victorian inspired dress.

The Etsy site address is

If you follow me on Twitter (laughing_coyote) you'll know about my coupons that I sent out yesterday ahead of the elections.  Use the coupon code AUGGIE4PREZ for 10% off or POPE4PREZ for free shipping on any item but the coupons end Nov 6th (election day).

More stuff up this weekend, I promise!  I almost have three baby dolls finished, and just found some cut out stick donkeys (more on THOSE later) so they should be done, photographed and listed by Sunday.

Also, keep checking back for more costumes featured this month as well.

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