Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pope Sheep

Ok, so I know that I was meaning to post some more stuff last weekend, but I PROMISE I am not slacking....

I got a special order request and since according to the USPS website this has been delivered, I suppose that I can share some pictures now.

So, before we start, some explaining....

As most of you know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Falling Skies, and I ADORE John Pope played by the incomprable Colin Cunningham.

As most of you ALSO know, I have been doing some cheating on you all and posting on ANOTHER Blog, well one of the readers of that blog found me etsy site, and one thing lead to another and she asked me if I can make a black sheep with pretty green eyes (Cause Colin has PRETTY GREEN EYES) for her.

I of course said HECK Yes!

So, I dug out some silky black faux fur that I had been saving for another project and some black wool felt and some green buttons for the eyes and got to work on Saturday.

And here is what I came up with.

Most of these picture are by yours truly so they pretty much suck (cell phone camera and all you know).

Isn't he just the cutest?  Close up shot, you can see the curly fur that I used.

Such a handsome profile, although my roommate did mention he is having a bit of a bad hair day in this picutre. :)

Who's cuter?  I think I'll pick Pope Sheep!

And as an added bonus to my first customer, he came complete with ID tag!

So there you have it. My first sale on Etsy.  Don't forget you all.  We have TWO coupons out there because I love Covert Affairs and Falling Skies and politics.  Use the coupon code Auggie4Prez for a discount or Pope4Prez for free shipping.

Also, special thanks to the folks at Afrah Med grill in Richardson, TX.  They rock and were nice enough to spread the word about the cutest sheep ever.  Use the Code Afrah for 10% off you purchase at the etsy store:

Look for a very special, one day only sale on my birthday.  It's coming up soon, but I can't give out detail just yet.

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  1. I just logged on so I could say THANK YOU!! He is awesome are really made my day! I am going to post some pictures too, and since you sent me a card with your facebook page listed on it, I will be "liking" that too!

    Be sure to check out my thursday thankfulness blog in a bit! Pope will be there with his baaaaaad self!